Accelerated weathering testing to standard SAE J2527 is another popular weathering test method, which exposes exterior automotive materials to laboratory controlled xenon arc lights.

The equipment used for testing to standard SAE J2527, simulates outdoor weathering conditions which the material is likely to face in real-life. When you think about it, an automotive vehicle can expect to face every element of the weather during its service life. Come rain or shine, these environments have the potential to affect the performance of the material, physically and/or mechanically.

impact solutions have several Q-LAB QSUN Xenon Arc weathering chambers within our accelerated weathering laboratory, which can carry out test programmes conforming to a range of accelerated weathering standards. Specimens are prepared in order for them to fit into the QSUN Xenon Arc chambers. Samples are placed on a tray, inside the weathering chambers where they undergo specifically designed programmes to mimic weathering conditions. Distance from the light source is a major factor in the amount of irradiance received and the surface temperature of the sample. This can affect the exposure results obtained from the test, therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Accelerated weathering testing to standard SAE J2527, exposes samples to outdoor weathering environments. SAE J2527 is very specific as to what test conditions need to be used. Xenon Arc is used as a light source to simulate outdoor exposure to sunlight on an accelerated basis. This allows us to recreate the effects of direct sunlight, temperature and/or moisture. Temperature, humidity, spray, light and dark cycles are also used to simulate outdoor weathering conditions under SAE J2527. This test programme has a duration of 3000 and 6000hrs. Once the test programme has begun, measurements and changes in appearance should also be recorded at periodic times as agreed by the customer.

Impact can perform a variety of physical testing which enables us to give you a truer picture of your product’s performance during its expected lifespan. If you are looking to have a product tested to standard SAE J2527 or in fact looking for other testing or failure analysis, get in touch on the below.

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