Tight production schedule? Imagine production quality parts delivered the next day. In this blog, Plunkett Associates discuss how 3D printing can support production schedules, bridging gaps in your production.

Producing quality parts

Depending on the complexity of the tool there can often be several weeks to wait whilst injection mould tooling is being manufactured. Don’t worry, we have a solution! Our Figure 4 3D printer is well able to produce the first few batches and bridges the gap allowing production schedules to start straightaway. Essentially, you can hit the ground running with no waiting and no delay on end-use parts.

High-performance resins available

With production-grade materials readily available, working parts can be ready to use from Day 1 of design sign-off. Polypropylene, ABS, rubber and even flame-retardant parts can be replicated with a range of high-performance resins to suit a vast range of applications.

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Fast turnaround

Not only does Figure 4 produce parts of very high resolution, but is much, much faster than many other printers, bringing huge advantages when projects are under tight timelines.

For example, a batch of 20 parts (as pictured) was able to be printed every 30 minutes for a client recently. They were tested in their end-use application and proved strong and durable enough to match their injection moulded counterparts.

A bridge to production

So, production quality, 3D printed parts produced from Day 1, filling the gap whilst your injection mould tooling is made – sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We like to think of this service as a bridge to production – we have several clients who know it works and we think you will too.

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