In this blog, Matsuura Machinery explains how you can access new manufacturing opportunities with increased design freedom and a shorter time-to-market, using familiar materials with HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D Printing – the perfect complement to your injection moulding process.

The world of injection moulding is changing fast. Long lead times for tools to be designed and manufactured put many businesses at a disadvantage to low-cost overseas producers.

HP MJF technology, supplied by Matsuura Machinery, is designed for prototyping through to final part production, giving you an economical and flexible option for medium to high volume projects. Discover more here.

Why should you consider HP MJF as part of your manufacturing mix?

  • Speed – HP MJF enables you to react to quotations faster and produce samples and prototypes weeks before other moulders can respond. With HP MJF, you can produce parts overnight – either one-offs, a myriad of different design iterations of the same part, or a production run of the same component or a mix of parts.
  • Flexibility – You can change the design and iterate as many times as you like with HP MJF – simply modify and print. Hold your latest part next day.
  • Lower volume production runs – Lower volume production runs not economical with traditional mould tools? With HP, incorporating low production runs is not only economical, but it is also profitable.
  • Simplicity – From concept to component, the HP MJF process is quick to learn, intuitive in practice and delivers tangible results from the first time you print.
  • Opportunities – With HP MJF 3D printing, you can create plastic components that are impossible to manufacture with a mould tool.

3D printing will never take the place of high volume plastic parts manufacturing, but it can add a profitable dimension to your injection mould business that gives you a dynamic market advantage, and fresh value-added appeal to your customers.

If you are planning to take your injection moulding business to a new level and seize the coming export opportunities for global Britain, Matsuura is ready to support your aspirations, growth and future profitability – with HP MJF 3D printing. Get in touch with Matsuura now to book an introductory tour or request a brochure.

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