We all like to think that we’re as careful with our company’s money as if it was our own…

But is this the reality? 

Nowadays few of us would just pop down to our usual electrical store to buy a new TV or to replace a tired washing machine. We’d be straight on ‘the net’, looking at specification, availability, reviews and of course value for money.

Through working at PlastikCity, I’ve seen comparative quote request levels for equipment, raw material etc. steadily growing, but it is often either the smaller businesses where the ‘man at the top’ directly holds the purse strings, or larger companies with a results driven dedicated buyer, that generates the most activity.  It genuinely only takes a couple of minutes to fill in a quotation request that goes directly to your selected suppliers so why are many still not using it?

We’ve asked around about possible reasons for this, answers varying from “I know the salesman really well”, to “we know the kit works so why change”.  I’m guessing that the answer wouldn’t be the same if the same guy was buying a new TV or a car, even if his own brother was the salesman!

So next time you are looking to buy something for your company, try not to automatically take the easy or safe option. PlastikCity have developed intuitive and easy to use quote request system that allows you to get multiple and accurate comparative quotes from the UK’s best industry suppliers.

If your usual supplier can supply something of equal or better quality and value, then fine, you can sleep with a clear conscience!