As manufacturers face the pressure of delivery deadlines, planned maintenance usually drops down their priority list. In this informative blog, Intouch Monitoring explains the importance of planned downtime for maintenance and the effects it can have on machines, equipment, and finished products.

What is planned downtime for maintenance? 

Planned maintenance downtime is scheduled time when your production is limited or shut down to allow for planned maintenance. Often with the pressure of delivery deadlines, it is easy for planned maintenance to be pushed down the priority list, and only maintain it when the machine starts breaks down or the quality of the products is being impacted. 

Why is planned maintenance important? 

Regular planned maintenance not only safeguards the quality of products produced and stops unplanned downtime, it keeps the machines and equipment healthy, which in turns extends their life span.  

Planned maintenance downtime actually reduces the overall amount of machine downtime, as the machines are kept healthy, decreasing the likelihood of unplanned downtime. It is also cheaper to maintain machines than to repair them.

  • Keeps assets healthy
  • Improves equipment efficiency
  • Avoids costly unplanned downtime
  • Reduces the total time equipment is offline
  • Extends the lifespan of equipment/machinery due to regular maintenance
  • As more downtime is scheduled, the amount of maintenance needed will decrease
  • Costs less than unplanned downtime
How can an Intouch system help schedule your downtime? 

Intouch systems can help you plan your maintenance downtime in three ways: 

1) Intouch provides a scheduling/planning module that makes it easy to plan downtime at a time which will have the least adverse effect on your production. 

2) Intouch’s reporting and analytics module lets you analyse the data to decide the optimum regularity that a machine needs maintaining 

3) Intouch’s monitoring schedule provides constant monitoring of the machines. The data collected is accurate and warns you far more in advance than humanly collated and analysed data would. This allows you to fix things before they become a costly issue. 

  • Can give companies a regular opportunity to collect data about their assets
  • Can detect problems and resolve them without disruption
  • Reduction of overall downtime
  • Leads to greater quality products
  • With no unplanned downtime, you can meet your delivery promises
  • Overall improvement in OEE and profits

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