Good advice and long term support is the key. After nearly 30 years in the plastics industry I have seen many suppliers of ancillaries come and go, many shouting from the rooftops how good and technically advanced the equipment is at a claimed low cost of investment and energy……..

In reality many of these basic designs that are used are nothing new and some designs date back to nearly 40 years ago and were dropped due to technical issues.

Unfortunately many plastic moulding companies are not experts in material handling equipment, so when quotes are compared with another they are unaware of what is actually needed nor if the quotes are comparable.

In some cases of dehumidified air dryers for example, when we have the opportunity to evaluate and compare the quoted specification the drying hopper and airflow in many cases are inadequate for the desired material throughput and moisture content, sometimes customers are not even able to realise from the quote supplied if the quoted dryer is a single or twin bed design resulting in varied drying conditions and the end result of the material.

Such a difference to the design does make the price of such a quote potentially attractive in the short term however in most cases would not provide continuous drying at a stable air flow or dewpoint .

This results in a potential variance in the moisture content of the material to be processed normally resulting in a varied quality of end product.

PlastikCity partner, Motan Colortronic  Ltd are committed to training not just our technical support team but our area sales managers to the highest level so ensuring the best technical solution to the customers enquiry , this commitment has resulted in a team our customers can trust and have trusted for over 40 years in the industry.

The solution provided by our team might not be always the lowest possible cost option but a reliable operation and low total cost of running and ownership is always achieved.

This and the fact that we design, build, install and support our customers from our 2 acre site means we are able to support the product now and into the future.

Karl Miller – Managing Director of Motan Colortronic UK on behalf of PlastikCity