It’s not just the temperature of the water or oil that is important in mould temperature control, the rate of flow through all parts of the tool is as critical. PlastikCity partner Tool-Temp explains why,

The temperature gradient across a mould, and maintaining that gradient, are essential factors in quality assurance to maintain the repeatability of the product dimensions, both immediately after moulding and long term as built-in stress starts to relax.

Achieving a uniform and consistent temperature across the mould depends on the ability of the temperature control medium to transfer the heat consistently. Supplying the fluid at the correct temperature is only part of the equation, the other is flow rate across the mould.

A temperature control unit can deliver water or oil at the specified temperature, but measuring and controlling the flow rate can be complex. This has traditionally been ignored when specifying temperature control equipment in the past.

Tool-Temp has integrated the flow control feature across it’s range of temperature control units and chillers. There are flow controls on the market, but in some cases they are not temperature resistant, they do not work with all fluids or they have other technical restrictions. Tool-Temp says its flow control can work with all types of fluids, water, oil and glycol, because the viscosity does not affect the flow control device. It works if the pump is used in either pressure or vacuum mode. Nor is temperature a problem. Tool-Temp flow control is said to measure the flow correctly whether it be a unit working with water from 5 degC or an oil unit working at 360 degC. According to Tool-Temp ‘this is absolutely the first flow control that can work up to 360 degC’.

TOOL-TEMP is known for it’s quality, precision and reliability these are some of the main factors of its success. With over 40 years manufacturing in the market place of temperature control and cooling, TOOL-TEMP is a reliable partner for many companies.

Tool-Temp Ltd is based in Northamptonshire where we stock a vast range of temperature control units, chillers and an extensive range of spare parts.

Jeremy Radcliffe – Tool-Temp Ltd on behalf of PlastikCity

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