Established for 40 years, KLEENOIL wants you to achieve ultimate production from your injection moulding machine.

KLEENOIL knows that by maintaining your oil ‘as new’ you will achieve:

  • Maximum cycle speed
  • Continuous operation
  • Few or nil reject parts
  • Minimal wastage
  • Minimised energy costs
  • Mould protection
  • No significant downtime
  • Extended component and machine life

Your injection moulding machines oil is the life blood of its operation, and when today’s increasingly sophisticated and expensive control mechanisms are more easily damaged by wear or contamination, you need to fully understand the exact nature and condition of its hydraulic fluids.

Your machine has a basic hydraulic system, consisting of an electric motor, hydraulic pump, control valves, pistons and pipes and hoses all brought to life by a hydraulic oil whether it be natural or synthetic. All these parts need that oil to be clean and consistent.

Generally; new oils may be only filtered to 40 microns and therefore are not clean enough, even if they visually appear to be.

A primary concern on your machine will be oil leaks, which can cause unpredictable pressure drops in an injection moulding machine. This plays havoc on the consistency of operation, causing high levels of reject parts and ultimately mould damage. However, most issues with hydraulic injection moulding machines originate from oil contamination.

The hydraulic fluid needs to resist oxidation while protecting mechanical components from the high-pressure and hot environment. The additional presence of water from condensation and contaminants from the operating environment leave a challenging operation, but KLEENOIL proves that this can be overcome by continuous cleansing as proactive maintenance – controlling root causes of system and fluid degradation.

Operators no longer change the oil as advised by the machine manufacturer – reactive or preventive maintenance procedures are becoming a thing of the past. The more popular predictive maintenance ethos of changing parts and fluids only when their condition shows it is necessary – usually on breakdown – better suits all – but not really!

With this in mind – KLEENOIL use their own service team to carry out regular analysis of lubricant composition and therefore performance – taking the job away from the operator.

This condition monitoring is used to predict the remaining useful life of the lubricant and its additives (and to some extent machine parts) to avoid breakdowns as well as unnecessary expense or downtime.

Fluid, additive and filter condition should be the indicative guide to fluid replacement and KLEENOIL offer a service program to take the job away from the operator but ensure full guidance and expert advice on an agreed interval to suit.

KLEENOIL offers affordable condition monitoring and ‘kidney dialysis’/by-pass filtration for your machine.


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