Lean manufacturing is a trend that has existed in industry for years. Although, it is a very simple idea – do the same or more production with less work, without sacrificing quality.

The seven ways in which manufacturing creates wastes are; overproduction, inefficient transportation, waiting times, unnecessary motion, rejects and defects, unnecessary stock and inappropriate processing.

Manufacturers can save money on production, labour and energy costs by finding ways to slim down production lines. These advantages also reduce waste produced during manufacturing, in turn helping the environment.

Finding ways to work smarter instead of harder is key for a lean manufacturer. An example of this is one workstation performing several applications at once by aligning production to use industrial robots and automation. Manufacturers can do away with several different steps that are not necessary to the production process. This not only reduces waste, but it also speeds up production, making the entire process more efficient.

Manufacturers that choose lean practices are also investing in cleaner manufacturing. This is good for everyone involved. Applications can be carried out more precisely by using industrial robots as the amount of material used can by reduced during dispensing and welding processes.

This crackdown on worker errors, by switching to robot automation, completely leans the manufacturer’s production tactics. When this waste is not produced, it also is more environmentally-friendly, while saving manufacturers money on material costs.

Are you a manufacturer that would like to invest in leaner manufacturing practices through an industrial automation solution? If so, contact us today. SP Technology is a highly recommended integrator for top robotics companies, including Universal Robots, ABB and Kuka.

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