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Thinking About Reshoring your Tool from the Far East?

Brexit has shaken up businesses across the country, and many companies are using this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they are conducting their manufacturing.

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Tooling: What, Where and Why?

Plunkett Associates’ experience takes us from low volume into hundreds of thousands, or put another way, container loads! We would be the first to acknowledge that we lack a track record of dealing in millions, a specialist area in its own right!

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Tooling Procurement, Project Management & Engineering Service Support

Mould Design is a specialised discipline, comprising product analysis and a detailed knowledge of materials, manufacturing procedures and methods.

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Bridge Tooling – What is it and When Should I Use it?

Bridge Tooling can also be known as development tooling or rapid tooling, and defines a stage in development where there is a need for moulded parts but production tooling is unavailable. Its name coming from the fact that it forms a bridge between prototyping and production.

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The Process of Injection Moulding

This is a great process! The range of materials and colours is huge and there is no “abs like’ that we get in 3D Printing, its the real thing. Parts are repeatable and tight tolerance. The only potential downside is the tooling, but this is covered here, with options to suit most requirements.

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I’m Looking at Injection Moulding – What Drives the Cost?

Injection moulding is a great way to form thermoplastics into a range of shapes. These can be anything from a simple washer to a complicated electrical housing to a wheelie bin or car bumper.

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Should Aluminium be Considered as a Tooling Material?

Plunkett Associates believe aluminium tooling offers significant benefits in the right applications.

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Would we need to be buying in now if we hadn’t started by selling out……

It is fantastic to see UK Manufacturing enjoying a renaissance especially in the Plastic Injection Moulding sector where we have a new buzz word called ‘reshoring’. I can’t help wondering though whether too many businesses were quick to sell out to what was perceived to be the ‘Holy Grail’ in manufacturing in the first place. I wrestle with this question that is rarely asked…

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