The retail environment is awash with products vying for customer’s cash, and with so much marketing collateral at play, it can be tricky to grab their attention.

Ensuring you’ve invested time and money into your shop fitting and display options is key in engaging customers and increasing footfall, but can often get overlooked. One of the industries that has a large role to play in shop fitting and retail displays is plastic extrusion.

Unless you work in the industry, you might not notice all the things in the retail environment that use plastic extrusion – from queue barrier systems and trimming to stair nosing, gaskets and point of sale displays, the retail applications really are endless. But they’re not just functional, they can also create a more aesthetically pleasing environment and help grab your customer’s attention.

Due to advances in technology, plastics offer unique properties that give them an advantage over other materials. They are lightweight, cost-effective and extremely durable, as well as easily decorated and embossed. Finally, they can come in a wide range of colours and formats, such as glow in the dark or metallic – all key assets that can be used to guide your customer and make their retail experience more pleasurable.

At Euroseal, we use bespoke tooling to create a huge range of display and shop fitting plastics that can be used in virtually any retail application. Unlike other extruders, we can also create extrusions in a wide range of plastics, not just PVC.

Some examples of retail applications include but are not limited to:

–  Point of sale

–  Queue barrier systems

–  PVC curtain tracks for displays

–  Stair nosing

–  Carpet trim

–  Profiles, such as: protection and trimming, capping and edging, flat lengths, corner joints

–  Display trims

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