I’ve never known a time when sub contractors are in such huge demand. The manufacturing industry is hastily training new recruits and although slowly making progress, it has a lot of catching up to do.

Every machine and equipment supplier I know is trying to recruit engineers but there’s none out there. The PlastikCity job site has had numerous vacancies for service and technical engineers but each month we seem to update the application closing date.

My biggest worry – the OEMS will bugger off again if we can’t give them a good service or costs start to escalate.

So what can sub-contractors do?

Well you guys & girls have great experience and skills, so why don’t you look to grow your business by recruiting a trainee to work alongside you. You can charge these trainees at lower rates or get your jobs completed quicker. You can invest in some marketing by profiling your skills on PlastikCity for the whole industry to find you.

  • You will spread your risk by increasing the number of companies you serve.
  • You can go on holiday or take sick leave and still have revenues coming in.
  • You could source parts and save costs for your customers.
  • You can increase your income.

In Europe there are many independent service ‘companies’ that work alongside the OEM’s by providing an excellent spares and service business. For some reason this doesn’t happen in the UK.

In my previous role as MD of a large OEM machine manufacturer I encouraged freelance service engineers. They gave us extra hands as demands escalated and gave our customers a less expensive option for routine remedial work. Whilst customers had this facility they were more likely to buy our machines.

So ‘Sub-Contractors’ grow your business and at the same time help secure the future of UK manufacturing.