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What Types of Drying Are There? | Mo’s Corner

Mo explains the differences between various drying methods.

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The Future of Recycling: From Fad to Fundamental

In 2017, the AI Business Excellence Awards announced EA Recycling as the Most Innovative Waste Recycling Company. Alex Hall, Managing Director, shares his thoughts about the changing face of the recycling industry and the future trends.

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5 Reasons Why Injection Moulding is So Effective

Injection moulding is one of the most popular and versatile methods for mass producing plastic parts, as it has multiple advantages over other methods of plastic moulding.

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TGA – FTIR: A Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Polymer Characterisation Technique

The increasing demand for quality and safe products with enhanced light weight, mechanical/thermal and fire-resistant properties has inevitably resulted in more challenging research, development and material characterisation processes.

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How to Use Machine Guarding to Minimise Risk in Business

Machine guarding used in industry and business is an important safety issue that is subject to numerous compliance standards and regulations.

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Replacing a worn plasticising screw? Shouldn’t you be upgrading for better productivity!

When you buy a plastic processing machine, the plasticising screw is often supplied with a General Purpose (G.P.) design and nitrided wear resistance. In many cases the OEM won’t have been told you only process particular material grades, and a GP screw provides the biggest processing window across the spectrum of materials.

This design however, will always be a compromise….

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Was Billy Joel right? Why should you invest in higher quality kit?

If you listen to Billy Joel and agree with his philosophy of, “Don’t waste your money on a new set of speakers, you get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers”, then we aren’t on the same page……….

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B2B Directories, SEO, PPC – they’re all after your online marketing spend – But what gets you ‘REAL’ results?

Here I explain why PlastikCity encompasses and beats them all if you are a supplier to the UK plastics industry.

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